The Special Education: Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)/Special Education K-12 Dual Certification option will prepare students to work as educators and early interventionists for children with disabilities from birth through grade 12.

Prerequisite for Program Admission

This course must be completed by the end of the summer of the application year and is calculated into the major gpa required for graduation.

RP & SE 300 Individuals with Disabilities3

ECSE/Special Education Professional Sequence

Students complete a four-semester sequence of professional courses after admission to the program. Although some courses may be completed prior to program admission, the remaining professional methods courses and clinical (field) experiences must be followed sequentially and taken in consecutive semesters unless a modification is approved. Class schedules for the professional sequence courses are determined in advance.

Semester 1
CURRIC 550 Methods, Materials and Activities in Early Childhood Education3
CURRIC 663 Learning Environments for Initial Education Programs 13
HDFS 262 Development of the Young Child (preferred) 13
or ED PSYCH 320 Human Development in Infancy and Childhood
RP & SE 320 Introduction to Teaching in Special Education3
RP & SE 435 Overview of Early Childhood Special Education 13
RP & SE 465 Language and Reading Instruction for Students with Disabilities (also meets Communication B)3
Semester 2
RP & SE/​CURRIC  365 Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Settings3
RP & SE 455 Early Childhood Special Education Methods: Inclusive Strategies for Infants and Toddlers3
RP & SE 464 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Instructional Planning in Special Education3
RP & SE 472 Methods in Transition and Vocational Education3
RP & SE 475 Special Education Practicum: Early Childhood and Elementary1
RP & SE 475 Special Education Practicum: Early Childhood and Elementary2
RP & SE 510 Partnering with Families and Other Professionals in Early Childhood Special Education 13
Semester 3
HDFS 663 Developmental and Family Assessment3
RP & SE 460 Early Childhood Special Education Methods: Inclusive Strategies for Preschool and Early Elementary3
RP & SE 466 Diversity in Special Education3
RP & SE 476 Special Education Practicum: Secondary (Grades 4-12)3
RP & SE 515 Access to the General Curriculum for Students with Disabilities3
Select one 13
School and Society
History of American Education (also meets U.S./European history)
Development, Learning and Education Foundations in Special Education
Semester 4
RP & SE 467 Elementary Student Teaching Seminar2
RP & SE 473 Classroom Management for Inclusive Classrooms3
RP & SE 477 Special Education Student Teaching: Elementary (PK - Grade 9)10

May be completed prior to scheduled semester, including prior to program admission.

Four-Year Plan

Special Education Sample Four-Year Plan

Early Childhood Special Education/Special Education Dual Certification Option

This four-year sample graduation plan is designed to guide your course selection throughout your academic career; it does not establish a contractual agreement. Use it along with your DARS report, the Guide, and the Course Search and Enroll app to create a four-year plan reflecting your placement scores, incoming credits, and individual interests. You will likely revise your plan several times during your academic career here, based on your activities and changing academic interests. Consult with an academic advisor to develop a personalized plan of study and refer to the Guide for a complete list of requirements.

Communication A (fall or spring semester)3Communication A (fall or spring semester)3
RP & SE 3003Ethnic Studies 3
Liberal Studies course work9-12Quantitative Reasoning A3
 Liberal Studies course work3-6
 15 12
Liberal Studies course work10Quantitative Reasoning B3
General Elective course work2Liberal Studies course work3
 General Elective course work6
 12 12
CURRIC 5503RP & SE/​CURRIC  3653
CURRIC 66313RP & SE 4553
HDFS 262 or ED PSYCH 320 (262 is preferred)13RP & SE 4643
RP & SE 3203RP & SE 4723
RP & SE 43513RP & SE 4751
RP & SE 465 (also meets Communication B)3RP & SE 4752
 RP & SE 51013
 18 18
HDFS 6633RP & SE 4672
RP & SE 4603RP & SE 4733
RP & SE 4663RP & SE 47710
RP & SE 4763 
RP & SE 5153 
Select one13 
ED POL/​HISTORY  412 (also meets U.S./European history)
 18 15
Total Credits 120

May be taken prior to scheduled semester, including prior to program admission. A minimum of 120 credits is still required to complete the degree.