The Asian American studies certificate program provides students with an opportunity to develop a sustained intellectual focus on Asian American racial formation, history, literature, and culture. Interdisciplinary in nature, the certificate can be obtained by completing 15 credits of coursework.

Students receiving a certificate will have a transcript notation indicating that they have received a certificate in Asian American studies. A certificate in Asian American studies acknowledges that a student has made a significant effort to learn about Asian American history and culture, the social location of Asian Americans in U.S. society and transnationally, and the experiences of Asian Americans, historically and contemporarily.

The certificate program is open to any undergraduate student regardless of major or college who has an interest in Asian American studies and is in good academic standing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Interested students should contact Program Administrator/Academic Advisor Nhung Nguyen to discuss their study plans and file a Certificate Declaration form. While many of the courses below are cross-listed, registration under Asian American ensures that credits earned for the certificate are recognized by the registrar’s office upon filing a Certificate Declaration form. Not all courses are offered each term. Topic courses may be repeated for credit.

For more information or to declare a certificate, please contact Nhung Nguyen, Program Administrator/Academic Advsior at or 608-263-2976. Students may also contact Director Cindy I-Fen Cheng at

Download a certificate declaration form here.

Students gain knowledge about specific ethnic groups, socioeconomic political histories, cultures, and contemporary issues through an Asian American lens.

15 credits are required, TO INCLUDE:

ASIAN AM 101 Introduction to Asian American Studies3
Core - 9 credits from:9
Asian American Movement
Literature & Culture of Asian America
Asian American Literary and Popular Culture: Race, Fantasy, Futures
Asian American History: Movement and Dislocation
Asian American History: Settlement and National Belonging
Hmong American Experiences in the United States
Topics in Asian American Studies
A Survey of Asian American Literature
Asian Americans and Media
Topic in Asian American Literature
Asian American Women Writers
Asian American Poetry
Special Topics
Humanities Topics
Comparative course - 3 credits from:3
Introduction to Comparative US Ethnic and American Indian Studies
Ethnic Movements in the United States
Topics in Asian American Studies
Southeast Asian Refugees of the "Cold" War
Chinese Migrations since 1500
Mutual Perceptions of Racial Minorities
Race and Sexuality in American Literature
Special Topics
Humanities Topics
Mass Media and Minorities
Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines
Racial Ethnic Families in the U.S.
Total Credits15

Residence & Quality of Work

2.750 GPA on all certificate approved courses

8 credits in the certificate, in residence


This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

Please contact Cindy Cheng, Director of the Asian American Studies Program to set up an advising appointment.

Ian Baird (Geography)
Leslie Bow (English/Asian American Studies)
Cindy I-Fen Cheng (History/Asian American Studies)
Peggy Choy (Dance/Asian American Studies)
Michael Cullinane (Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
Joan H Fujimura (Sociology)
Maya Holtzman (McNair/SROP Programs)
Florence Hsia (History of Science)
Juliet Huynh (English)
Eden Inoway-Ronnie (Office of Provost)
Gabriel "Gabe" Javier (Multicultural Student Center)
Victor Jew (Asian American Studies)
LiLi Johnson (Gender and Women's Studies/Asian American Studies)
Eileen Lagman (English)
Lori Kido Lopez (Communication Arts)
Stacey Lee (Educational Policy Studies)
Ella Mae Matsumura (Business)
James McMaster (Gender and Women's Studies/Asian American Studies)
Jan Miyasaki (Asian American Studies)
Chong Moua (History/Asian American Studies)
Beth (Bich Minh) Nguyen (English)
Nhung Nguyen (Asian American Studies)
Pamela Oliver (Sociology)
Linda Park (Medicine and Public Health)
Hement Shah (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Michael Thorton (Afro-American Studies)
Lillian Tong (Center of Biology Education)
Lynette Uttal (Counseling Psychology)
Yang Sao (Social Work/Asian American Studies)
Morris Young (English)
Timothy Yu (English/Asian American Studies)