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The undergraduate certificate in Italian offers students the opportunity to develop their proficiency in Italian language and their knowledge of literature and culture in the Italian-speaking world. Advanced courses (300 and 400 level) will allow students to build on the foundation developed in 200-level courses by choosing from a range of courses in Italian literature, linguistics, cinema, culture, and professional communication. The certificate also strengthens the applications of students who intend to pursue careers or graduate study in areas where Italian is useful. The undergraduate certificate in Italian is open to all undergraduate students.

Students can declare an Italian certificate at any time. For more information, please see the department website and/or consult the undergraduate advisor.

Students declared in the Italian major are not eligible to declare the Certificate in Italian.

5 courses and 15 credits, to include: 1

Foundation (two courses):6
Advanced Italian Language
Writing Workshop
Studies in Italian Literature and Culture I
Studies in Italian Literature and Culture II
Modern Italian Culture
Advanced Italian Language
Writing Workshop
Studies in Italian Literature and Culture I
Studies in Italian Literature and Culture II
Structures of Italian
Rome: Lust for Glory (Taught in English)
Machiavelli and His World (Taught in English)
Topics in Italian: Study Abroad
Introduction to the Romance Languages (Taught in English)
Special Topics in Italian Literature
Special Topics in Italian Studies: Culture, Film, Language
Italian Film (Taught in English)
Love and Sex in Italian Comedy 2
Of Demons and Angels. Dante's Divine Comedy
In Translation: Lit of Modern Italy-Existentialism, Fascism, Resistance
Black Death and Medieval Life Through Boccaccio's Decameron
Lit in Translation: Images of the Individual in the Italian Renaissance
Italy and the Invention of America: from Columbus to World War II
In Translation: Special Topics in Italian Literature
Total Credits15

Residence and Quality of Work

9 credits taken on the UW–Madison campus

2.000 GPA on all certificate courses


Courses taken pass/fail are not eligible for the certificate. 


 Only one LITTRANS course may count in the certificate.


This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with the student’s undergraduate degree. Students cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

  1. (Interpretive communication) Demonstrate that they understand and can analyze of literary and nonliterary texts in Italian representing a variety of topics, time periods, and geographical regions.
  2. (Presentational communication) Express themselves effectively in spoken and written Italian to inform, persuade, and narrate for different audiences of listeners, viewers, or readers.
  3. (Interpersonal communication) Express themselves effectively in spoken and written Italian to share information, reactions, and opinions related to a variety of topics and texts.
  4. (Cultural knowledge) Recognize and explain cultural artifacts, practices, and perspectives of the Italian-speaking world.
  5. (Linguistic knowledge) Demonstrate a good degree of understanding of lexical, grammatical, syntactic, and stylistic features of the Italian language.
  6. (Cross-cultural awareness) Demonstrate awareness of difference and diversity by comparing and contrasting culturally situated beliefs, behaviors, and norms of the Italian-speaking world with their own.
  7. (Engagement with the Italian language and culture) Engage in a sustained fashion with the Italian language, its users, and cultural artifacts in and beyond the classroom, e.g., in their own community, virtual communities, and study abroad.
  • For information on language proficiency, language placement, retrocredits, and/or declaring the Italian Certificate, please see the French and Italian department website.
  • For advising on the Italian Major or Certificate, please contact the undergraduate advisor.
  • For language and international directions advising, please contact the International Directions Advisor in the Language Institute.

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Professors Buccini, Livorni, Rumble

Associate Professors Menechella, Phillips-Court, Todorovic

Faculty Associate Eadie