Courses listed here are part of the Kinesiology, B.S. Degree requirements.

Select at least 11 credits from the following:

KINES 312 Technology for Physical Activity and Health Professionals2
KINES 325 Group Development and Behavior Management3
KINES 360 Lifespan Motor Development3
KINES 390 Principles of Exercise Leadership2
KINES 427 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription3
KINES 501 Theory-Based Health Education and Health Promotion Programs3
KINES 508 Workshop in Kinesiology (Topic: Theories and Strategies for Behavioral Change)3
KINES/​NURSING  523 Clinical Exercise Testing & Training3
KINES/​NUTR SCI  525 Nutrition in Physical Activity and Health3
KINES 527 Principles of Strength and Conditioning3
KINES 531 Neural Control of Movement3
KINES 555 Sports Science & Athlete Monitoring3
KINES 614 Biological Factors Influencing Exercise Performance3
KINES 615 Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology2
KINES 618 Biomechanics2-3

Select one of the following:

KINES 355 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Physical Activity3
KINES 521 Physical Activity and Health3
KINES 600 Advanced Exercise Psychology3