Requirements for the performance option 4

42 credits required, as follows:  

Performance Study

7 semesters in one instrument group below, with at least 3 semesters in the course numbered 400-499: 114-28
Elementary/Intermediate Double Bass
Advanced Double Bass
Elementary/Intermediate Bassoon (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61, 62, 40, or 41)
Advanced Bassoon
Elementary/Intermediate Cello (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61 or 62)
Advanced Cello
Elementary/Intermediate Clarinet (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61, 62, 40, or 41)
Advanced Clarinet
Elementary/Intermediate Euphonium (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61, 62, 40, or 41)
Advanced Euphonium
Elementary/Intermediate Flute (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61, 62, 40, or Music 41)
Advanced Flute
Elementary/Intermediate Guitar
Advanced Guitar
Elementary/Intermediate Harp (Requires concurrent enrollment in MUSIC 61, or 62)
Advanced Harp
Elementary/Intermediate Horn
Advanced Horn
Elementary/Intermediate Percussion
Advanced Percussion
Elementary/Intermediate Piano
Advanced Piano
Elementary/Intermediate Oboe
Advanced Oboe
Elementary/Intermediate Organ
Advanced Organ
Elementary/Intermediate Saxophone
Advanced Saxophone
Elementary/Intermediate Trombone
Advanced Trombone
Elementary/Intermediate Trumpet
Advanced Trumpet
Elementary/Intermediate Tuba
Advanced Tuba
Elementary/Intermediate Viola
Advanced Viola
Elementary/Intermediate Violin
Advanced Violin
Elementary/Intermediate Voice
Advanced Voice
Total Credits14-28

Concurrent enrollment in the appropriate performing organization, ensemble, or accompanying is required each semester of enrollment in performance study,

Music Theory, History, and Piano Skills

Musica Practica 1
and Musica Practica: Aural Skills 1
Musica Practica 2
and Musica Practica: Aural Skills 2
Musica Practica 3
and Musica Practica: Aural Skills 3
MUSIC 211 Survey of the History of Western Music3
MUSIC 212 Survey of the History of Western Music3
MUS PERF 102 Beginning Class Piano 22
Additional Music History. Complete one of the following:3
Survey of Music in the Middle Ages
Survey of Music in the Renaissance
Survey of Music in the Baroque Era
Survey of Music in the Classic Era
Survey of Music in the Romantic Era
Survey of Music in the Twentieth Century
Music in the United States
Historical Performance Practices
Survey of Opera
Total Credits23

A student may complete a proficiency exam in piano, instead of completing this course.

MUSICal organizations and accompanying

Complete at least 7 semesters in the following:7
Wind Ensemble
Concert Band
Concert Choir
Treble Choir
Choral Union
Masters' Singers
Madrigal Singers
University Chorus
Chamber Orchestra
University Symphony Orchestra
University Opera
Opera Workshop
Keyboard Skills (keyboard majors only)
Accompanying (keyboard majors only)
Piano Accompanying Lab (keyboard majors only)

Electives to MEET 42 credits in the Major 3

MUSIC 40 Wind Ensemble1
MUSIC 41 Concert Band1
MUSIC 43 University Band1
MUSIC 50 Concert Choir1
MUSIC 52 Treble Choir1
MUSIC 53 Choral Union1
MUSIC 55 Masters' Singers1
MUSIC 56 Chorale1
MUSIC 58 Madrigal Singers1
MUSIC 59 University Chorus1
MUSIC 61 Chamber Orchestra1
MUSIC 62 University Symphony Orchestra1
MUSIC 107 Music & Film3
MUSIC 201 Music and Society2
MUSIC 222 Musica Practica 43
MUSIC 229 Jazz Theory & Composition3
MUSIC 252 Introduction to Conducting and Pedagogy2
MUSIC 253 Conducting2
MUSIC 254 Conducting2
MUSIC 256 University Opera1-2
MUSIC 257 Opera Workshop2
MUSIC 262 Jazz Ensemble1
MUSIC 265 Ensemble-Woodwind1
MUSIC 267 Ensemble-Brass1
MUSIC 268 Ensemble-Percussion1
MUSIC 269 Ensemble-String1
MUSIC 270 Ensemble-Guitar1
MUSIC 272 Musica Practica: Aural Skills 41
MUSIC/​AFROAMER/​DANCE  318 Cultural Cross Currents: West African Dance/Music in the Americas3
MUSIC 319 Topics in Music and Ethnicity in the United States3
MUSIC 331 Jazz Improvisation3
MUSIC 332 Jazz Improvisation3
MUSIC 340 Pedagogy1-2
MUSIC 345 Practicum in String Pedagogy2
MUSIC 346 Repertoire1-2
MUSIC/​FOLKLORE  402 Musical Cultures of the World3
MUSIC 405 Seminar: Cultural Study of Music3
MUSIC 411 Survey of Music in the Middle Ages3
MUSIC 412 Survey of Music in the Renaissance3
MUSIC 413 Survey of Music in the Baroque Era3
MUSIC 414 Survey of Music in the Classic Era3
MUSIC 415 Survey of Music in the Romantic Era3
MUSIC 416 Survey of Music in the Twentieth Century3
MUSIC 419 Music in the United States3
MUSIC 461 Collegium Musicum1
MUSIC 466 Diction for Singers2
MUSIC 468 Language Diction for Singing II2
MUSIC 467 Language Diction for Singing I2
MUSIC 497 Special Topics in Music1-3
MUSIC 502 Figured Bass and Basso Continuo3
MUSIC 511 Historical Performance Practices3
MUSIC 513 Survey of Opera3
MUSIC 523 Orchestration I3
MUS PERF 101 Beginning Class Piano2
MUS PERF 102 Beginning Class Piano2
MUS PERF 103 Elementary Class Piano2
MUS PERF 104 Intermediate Class Piano2
MUS PERF 108 Jazz Class Piano2
MUS PERF 143 Introduction to Performance: Voice1
MUS PERF 148 First Year Composition3
MUS PERF 200 Elementary/Intermediate Piano for Non-Piano Majors2
MUS PERF 201 Elementary/Intermediate Piano2-4
MUS PERF 202 Elementary/Intermediate Harpsichord2-4
MUS PERF 203 Elementary/Intermediate Organ2-4
MUS PERF 205 Elementary/Intermediate Voice2-4
MUS PERF 207 Elementary/Intermediate Flute2-4
MUS PERF 209 Elementary/Intermediate Oboe2-4
MUS PERF 211 Elementary/Intermediate Clarinet2-4
MUS PERF 213 Elementary/Intermediate Saxophone2-4
MUS PERF 215 Elementary/Intermediate Bassoon2-4
MUS PERF 217 Elementary/Intermediate Horn2-4
MUS PERF 219 Elementary/Intermediate Trumpet2-4
MUS PERF 221 Elementary/Intermediate Trombone2-4
MUS PERF 223 Elementary/Intermediate Euphonium2-4
MUS PERF 225 Elementary/Intermediate Tuba2-4
MUS PERF 227 Elementary/Intermediate Percussion2-4
MUS PERF 231 Elementary/Intermediate Violin2-4
MUS PERF 233 Elementary/Intermediate Viola2-4
MUS PERF 235 Elementary/Intermediate Cello2-4
MUS PERF 237 Elementary/Intermediate Double Bass2-4
MUS PERF 239 Elementary/Intermediate Harp2-4
MUS PERF 240 Elementary/Intermediate Guitar2-4
MUS PERF 242 Accompanying2
MUS PERF 247 Second Year Composition3
MUS PERF 248 Second Year Composition3
MUS PERF 251 Keyboard Skills2
MUS PERF 311 Advanced Techniques: Clarinet1-2
MUS PERF 327 Advanced Techniques: Percussion1-2
MUS PERF 331 Advanced Techniques: Violin1-2
MUS PERF 333 Advanced Techniques: Viola1-2
MUS PERF 339 Advanced Techniques: Harp1-2
MUS PERF 342 Piano Accompanying Lab1
MUS PERF 347 Third Year Composition3
MUS PERF 348 Third Year Composition3
MUS PERF 401 Advanced Piano2-4
MUS PERF 402 Advanced Harpsichord2-4
MUS PERF 403 Advanced Organ2-4
MUS PERF 405 Advanced Voice2-4
MUS PERF 407 Advanced Flute2-4
MUS PERF 409 Advanced Oboe2-4
MUS PERF 411 Advanced Clarinet2-4
MUS PERF 413 Advanced Saxophone2-4
MUS PERF 415 Advanced Bassoon2-4
MUS PERF 417 Advanced Horn2-4
MUS PERF 419 Advanced Trumpet2-4
MUS PERF 421 Advanced Trombone2-4
MUS PERF 423 Advanced Euphonium2-4
MUS PERF 425 Advanced Tuba2-4
MUS PERF 427 Advanced Percussion2-4
MUS PERF 431 Advanced Violin2-4
MUS PERF 433 Advanced Viola2-4
MUS PERF 435 Advanced Cello2-4
MUS PERF 437 Advanced Double Bass2-4
MUS PERF 439 Advanced Harp2-4
MUS PERF 440 Advanced Guitar2-4
MUS PERF 447 Fourth Year Composition3
MUS PERF 448 Fourth Year Composition3
MUS PERF 457 Jazz Composition and Arranging3
MUS PERF 458 Jazz Composition and Arranging3

 A maximum of 16 credits can be taken from courses numbered below 100.


 The same requirements for Residence & Quality of Work apply to the Performance Option.  The same Honors in the Major requirements apply, as well.

Sample Four-Year Plan

This Sample Four-Year Plan is a tool to assist students and their advisor(s). Students should use it—along with their DARS report, the Degree Planner, and Course Search & Enroll tools—to make their own four-year plan based on their placement scores, credit for transferred courses and approved examinations, and individual interests. As students become involved in athletics, honors, research, student organizations, study abroad, volunteer experiences, and/or work, they might adjust the order of their courses to accommodate these experiences. Students will likely revise their own four-year plan several times during college.

First Year
Communication A3Quantitative Reasoning-A3
4MUSIC 122
Performance Study: MUS PERF 200-level2Performance Study: MUS PERF 200-level2
Performing Organization/Accompanying1-2Performing Organization/Accompanying1-2
Foreign Language (if required)4MUS PERF 101 (or as placed)2
 Literature Breadth3
 15 16
Second Year
Quantitative Reasoning B3Ethnic Studies4
MUSIC 271 (Music Theory)
4Communication B4
MUSIC 211 (Music History)3MUSIC 212 (Music History)3
Performance Study: MUS PERF 200-level2Performance Study: MUS PERF 200-level2
Performing Organization/Accompanying1Performing Organization/Accompanying1
 15 15
Third Year
Performance Study: MUS PERF 400-level2Performance Study: MUS PERF 400-level2
Performing Organization/Accompanying1Performing Organization/Accompanying1
Physical Science Breadth3Upper-level Music History3
Social Science Breadth4Biological Science Breadth3
Literature Breadth3Social Science Breadth4
 14 15
Fourth Year
Performance Study: MUS PERF 400-level2Natural Science Breadth3
Performing Organization/Accompanying1Electives12
Natural Science Breadth6 
Social Science Breadth4 
 15 15
Total Credits 120