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Applied Drug Development, Capstone Certificate

The School of Pharmacy offers an online Applied Drug Development Capstone Certificate. 

The Applied Drug Development Capstone Certificate is designed to produce individuals, both inside and outside of Wisconsin, skilled in the basic conceptual and methodological underpinnings of drug development and able to make valuable contributions in real-world drug development problem solving. Applied Drug Development Certificate students will acquire basic skills needed to work as valued members of a drug development team.

The course package will provide foundational competency in regulatory practice, the drug development process, and pharmaceutical project management; consisting of 4 core courses. These core courses include introductory courses covering fundamentals in regulatory agencies, working in a regulated environment, a comprehensive study of the drug development process, and pharmaceutical economics and project management.


Applications are accepted for terms fall and spring.

Fall Deadline:  May 31

Spring Deadline:  September 30

Applicants must possess the following:

  • Earned bachelor’s degree, PharmD, or equivalent
  • Recommended cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0 (on 4.0 scale). Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not required
  • Submit official post secondary student transcripts
  • Submit a maximum one-page statement of interest: Why are you interested in Applied Drug Development and what do you aim to get out of the program?

Application steps

Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) is the admitting office for all University Special students. However, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division at the School of Pharmacy makes the final admission decision upon review of all applicant materials. 

A complete application includes the following information:

  1. An online application for admission as a University Special student, selecting UNCS Capstone Certificate and the program: Applied Drug Development. This application is received and processed by ACSSS with final decision held for approval from the School of Pharmacy.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges/ universities attended - Attach these documents to the application portal as prompted by the system.

  3. Current resume/CV - Attach this document to the application portal as prompted by the system

  4. Brief essay - Describe your reasons for applying and your career goal.

Program Requirements

  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.000
    • Students wishing to continue into the Applied Drug Development named option MS program must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00

Required Coursework (12 credits)

PHM SCI 762 The Drug Development Process I3
PHM SCI 763 The Drug Development Process II3
Elective Courses (select 2 courses, 6 credits)
PHM SCI 751 Introduction to Regulatory Practice3
PHM SCI 752 GxP (Good Practice): Working in a Regulated Environment3
PHM SCI 753 Pharmaceutical Economics and Project Management3
Total Credits15

Minimum Requirements for Capstone Certificate Completion

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of C in each course used to meet Capstone Certificate requirements.
  • Courses in which a student elects the pass/fail or audit option will not count toward completion of Capstone Certificate requirements.
  • All of the Capstone Certificate credits must be earned "in residence" (which includes on campus and distance-delivered courses) at UW-Madison.
  • All of the Capstone Certificate credits must be earned while enrolled in the Capstone Certificate program.

Individual Capstone Certificate programs may have additional requirements for completion, which will be listed above as/if applicable.

Capstone Certificate Specific Policies

Prior Coursework

No graduate work from other institutions is accepted. 


This program adheres to the following probation policy:

  1. Students are considered to be in “Good Standing” if they earn a C or higher in all program courses.
  2. Students are considered to be in “Probationary Standing” if they earn less than a C in one or more program courses during a semester.  These students will be permitted to enroll, but they will have a specific plan in place that specifies continuation or removal of probationary status based on future course grades.
  3. Students are considered to be in “Unsatisfactory Standing” if they have an overall GPA of less than 2.0 or if they have earned less than a C in 4 or more credits of the program’s courses. These students will not permitted to enroll and will face dismissal from the program.
  1. Demonstrate critical knowledge and in-depth understanding of principles in pharmaceutical sciences and in the student's area of expertise.
  2. Identify important research questions, formulate testable hypotheses, and design experiments to test those hypotheses.
  3. Communicate scientific knowledge and research results effectively to a range of audiences.\\n
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