Requirements for the Organ Option

Students in the Organ option must complete the following:

Applied Study
Elementary/Intermediate (complete 12 credits):12
Elementary/Intermediate Organ
Advanced (complete 14 credits):14
Advanced Organ
Senior Recital2
Senior Recital
Advanced Music Theory7
Musica Practica 4
and Musica Practica: Aural Skills 4
Renaissance Polyphony
Baroque Counterpoint
Keyboard Skills (complete both courses):4
Keyboard Skills
Large Performance Ensemble (complete 6 credits):6
Piano Accompanying Lab
Concert Choir
Treble Choir
Choral Union
Madrigal Singers
All-University String Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra
University Symphony Orchestra
Elective credit is earned from courses on the list of electives approved for all options of the Bachelor of Music: Performance program. This list is published in the Requirements section for the program.
Total Credits61

Sample Four-Year Plan

This Sample Four-Year Plan is a tool to assist students and their advisor(s). Students should use it—along with their DARS report, the Degree Planner, and Course Search & Enroll tools—to make their own four-year plan based on their placement scores, credit for transferred courses and approved examinations, and individual interests. As students become involved in athletics, honors, research, student organizations, study abroad, volunteer experiences, and/or work, they might adjust the order of their courses to accommodate these experiences. Students will likely revise their own four-year plan several times during college.

First Year
MUSIC 1213MUSIC 1223
MUSIC 1711MUSIC 1721
Foreign Language4Foreign Language4
Communication A3Quantitative Reasoning A 3
 15 15
Second Year
MUSIC 2213MUSIC 2223
MUSIC 2711MUSIC 2721
MUSIC 2113MUSIC 2123
Large Performance Ensemble 1Large Performance Ensemble 1
Ethnic Studies 3Quantitative Reasoning B 3
 15 15
Third Year
Music History Elective3Music History Elective3
Large Performance Ensemble 1Large Performance Ensemble 1
MUSIC 6223MUSIC 2522
Natural Science Breadth with Lab4Global Music Cultures 3
 Social Science Breadth 3
 15 16
Fourth Year
Large Performance Ensemble 1MUS PERF 4992
Music Electives6Large Performance Ensemble 1
Communication B 3Music Electives10
 14 15
Total Credits 120