Administrative Unit: Curriculum and Instruction
College/School: School of Education
Admitting Plans: M.S., Ph.D.
Degrees Offered: M.S., Ph.D.
Minors and Certificates: Doctoral Minor Curriculum and Instruction; Doctoral Minor in International Education; Doctoral Minor in  Qualitative Research Methodology in Education
Named Options: Secondary English Education (M.S), Secondary Mathematics Education (M.S.), Secondary Science Education (M.S.), Secondary Social Studies Education (M.S.)

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers graduate studies that lead to the master of science (M.S.) in curriculum and instruction and the doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in curriculum and instruction. Each graduate student must concentrate in one of the department's areas of study, listed in the next section.

The department also offers a master of science with secondary teaching certification as an M.S. with named options in Secondary English Education, Secondary Mathematics Education, Secondary Science Education, and Secondary Social Studies Education.

Areas of Study

In accord with interests and professional goals, each admitted graduate student is assigned to an area of study and to an initial faculty advisor in that area. Areas of study are curriculum studies, global studies, digital media, mathematics education, music education, science education, social studies education, literacy studies, English as a second language, bilingual education, world language education, multicultural education, teacher education, and early childhood studies.

Nondegree Graduate-Level Courses and Advanced Certification Programs

NonDegree Graduate-Level Courses

Already-certified educational professionals who wish to earn credit in graduate-level courses to improve professionally or to update or renew a license but do not wish to seek a graduate degree may register as University Special students through the Adult Career and Student Services Center in the Division of Continuing Studies. Persons who plan to eventually earn a graduate degree in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction should apply for admission as a graduate student before beginning their studies and not accumulate credits as a University Special student. University policies actively discourage belated requests to allow work done as a University Special to count toward graduate-degree requirements.

Advanced Certification Programs

In addition to the master's degree and Ph.D. degree programs, the department offers several advanced certification programs involving certificates that are available only at the post-baccalaureate level, including bilingual certification, English as a second language K–12 certificate, reading teacher program and reading specialist program. For more information, see the department website.

Faculty: Professors Graue (chair), Feinstein (graduate program chair), Apple, Baker, Compton-Lilly, Gomez, Grant, Hawkins, Hess, Ivey, James, Knuth, Koza, Ladson-Billings, Popkewitz, Squire, Tochon, Winn; Associate Professors Dobbs, Ellis, E. Halverson, Hassett, Pacheco, Schweber, Steinkuehler; Assistant Professors L. Berland, M. Berland, Braaten, Ghousseini, Prasad, Russ, Wager, Wright; Affiliate Professors R. Halverson, Nathan, Uttal, Fujita Geyer, Zhang. For more information about respective members of the faculty, see People on the department website.