Administrative Unit: Sociology
College/School: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, College of Letters & Science
Admitting Plans: M.S., Ph.D.
Degrees Offered: M.S., Ph.D.
Minors and Certificates: Doctoral Minor in Sociology; Doctoral Minor in Science and Technology Studies

The Department of Sociology and the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology conduct a combined graduate program in sociology designed to prepare students for scholarly research, teaching, or applied work. The program leads to the master of science degree with a major in sociology and the doctor of philosophy degree in sociology. It also offers a minor to students earning a doctoral degree in other departments. All major areas of sociological inquiry are represented in the curriculum. The program consistently ranks at or near the top in studies of U.S. doctoral programs.

Distinguished faculty, outstanding students who learn from and support each other, an increasingly multi-ethnic student body, a curriculum covering a broad spectrum of sociological interests, thriving research projects in many areas, and a stimulating campus environment make UW–Madison an excellent choice for students interested in sociology and/or community and environmental sociology.

Members of the departments also participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs. Faculty and students are involved with several research institutes, including the Center for Demography and Ecology, the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, the Institute for Research on Poverty, the Institute on Aging, the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, the Applied Population Laboratory, the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. Further information about faculty and areas of study is available on the department websites: Department of Sociology, and Department of Community and Environmental Sociology.

Degrees and Career Goals

The sociology graduate program admits students who intend to earn a Ph.D. Students complete a master of science degree on the way to the Ph.D. or receive a waiver of the program’s master’s requirements based on their having written a thesis and obtained a master’s degree previously. A few students leave the program after completing the master’s degree and pursue careers in the public and private sectors.  Of those who graduate with the Ph.D., a majority obtain university teaching and/or research positions; others take research and/or administrative positions in government organizations or private firms.

Faculty: Professors Oliver (chair, Sociology), Green (chair, Community and Environmental Sociology), Bell, Borman (affiliated), Carlson, Collins, DeLamater, Emirbayer, Ermakoff, Ferree, Ford (affiliated), Friedland (affiliated), Fujimura, Gerber, Goldberg, Goldrick-Rab (affiliated), Herd, Kleinman, Logan, Massoglia, Maynard, Montgomery, Nordheim (affiliated), Raymo, Rogers (director, COWS), Schaeffer (director, UWSC), Schwartz, Seidman, Stoecker, Thornton (affiliated), Tigges, Wright; Associate Professors Alatout, Christens (affiliated), Curtis, Elwert, Feinstein, Fletcher, Freeland (director, Graduate Studies), Grodsky, Lim, Morales (affiliated), Nobles, Shoemaker (affiliated); Assistant Professors Conti, Engelman, Garoon, Goffman, Grant, Leachman (affiliated), Liu, Simmons (affiliated), Vargas, White, Xiong (affiliated)