Administrative Unit: School of Human Ecology
College/School: School of Human Ecology
Admitting Plans: MFA, M.S., Ph.D.
Degrees Offered: MFA, M.S., Ph.D.
Minors and Certificates: Doctoral Minors in Human Development and Family Studies, and in Human Ecology
Named Options: Civil Society and Community Research (Ph.D.); Consumer Behavior and Family Economics (M.S./Ph.D.); Design Studies (M.S./Ph.D./MFA); Human Development and Family Studies (M.S./Ph.D.);

Human ecology is the study of the complex relationships between human beings and their environments. The school offers advanced degrees with four program specializations: civil society and community research, consumer behavior and family economics, design studies, and human development and family studies. Each program option has its own faculty, curriculum, and requirements. Prospective graduate students apply for the human ecology degree, the umbrella degree under which the degree options are offered. Inquiries should be made to the individual department offering the desired program specialization.

All of the school's graduate programs provide opportunities for interdisciplinary, advanced course work with an intensive research or creative discovery experience. Faculty and students are also involved with institutes and centers administered in the School of Human Ecology and across the campus such as the Arts Institute, Center for Child and Family Well-Being, the Center for Financial Security, the Institute on Aging, the Kohl's Center for Retailing Excellence, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, the Center for Non-Profits, the Institute for Research on Poverty, and the Waisman Center. With access to courses and resources in and beyond the School of Human Ecology, graduate students in human ecology's program options gain the skills and specialized expertise that will be required to be successful scholars, artists/designers, and workers in academic, service, government, and business settings worldwide.

Faculty: Civil Society and Community Studies: Professors Jasper (chair), Flanagan, Morales, Zeldin; Associate Professors Bakken, Christens; Assistant Professors Gaddis, Horowitz, Sarmiento, Sparks
Consumer Behavior and Family Economics: Professors Wong (chair), Bartfeld, Zepeda; Associate Professor Collins; Assistant Professors Addo, Warmath
Design Studies: Professors Rengel (chair), Angus, Dong, Sarmadi, Nelson; Associate Professors Hark, Kallenborn, Shin; Assistant Professors Fairbanks, Penick, Ponto
Human Development and Family Studies: Professors Dilworth-Bart (chair), Bogenschneider, Raison, Poehlmann-Tynan, Roberts, Small;  Associate Professors Duncan, Hartley, Nix, Papp; Assistant Professors Halpern-Meekin, Kirkorian, Litzelman