Administrative Unit: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
College/School: School of Medicine and Public Health
Admitting Plans: Ph.D.
Degrees Offered: M.S., Ph.D.

The graduate program in cellular and molecular pathology (CMP) is a joint venture of the UW–Madison Department of Pathology and the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH). This interdisciplinary training environment, embedded in an exciting and challenging basic and clinical translational research context, offers a high level of intellectual stimulation for predoctoral training. The CMP curriculum is novel at the university, providing integrated training in fundamental concepts of modern pathobiology with an emphasis on biochemical, cellular and molecular approaches, and providing rigorous in-depth bench-level research training in understanding the fundamental bases of diseases. Trainees and trainers participate in rigorous pathobiology courses and activities, and are offered in-depth research training in the pathobiology of cancer, nervous and immune system diseases, and signal transduction in basic disease mechanisms.

Faculty: Ahmad, Alexander, Allen-Hoffmann, Andes, Arendt, Asimakopoulos, Attie, Atwood, Bendlin, Bresnick, Broman, Burger, Burkard, Burlingham, Bushman,Capitini,Carrithers, Chen, Cho, Coon, Currie, Deming, Denlinger, Diamali, Emborg, Engin, Evans, Fabry, Fleming, Friedl, Friedrich, Ge, Gern, Golos, Greenspan, Gumperz, Guo, Halberg, Hematti, Huttenlocher, Jarjour, Jones, Kenney, Kent, Kimble, Kimple, Klein, Kuo, Lakkaraju, Lamming, Lee, Lewis, Liu, Lloyd,  Loeb, Messing, Mezrich, Nett, Nickells, D. O'Connor, S. O'Connor, Otto, Pepperell,  Peters, Puglielli, Rapraeger, Rey, Rui, Sandor, Sauer, Seroogy, Sheehan, Sheibani, Shelef, Slukvin, J. Smith, Sondel, Sridharan, Suresh, Suzuki, Svaren, Talaat, Thorne, Vermuganti, Wheeler, Xu, Yoshino, Su-chun Zang, Zhao,W. Zhong