Administrative Unit: School of Business
College/School: School of Business
Admitting Plans: M.S., MBA, Ph.D.
Degrees Offered: M.S. in Business: General Management; M.S. in Business: Supply Chain Management; MBA in Business: General Management; MBA in Business: Supply Chain Management; Ph.D. in Business
Minors and Certificates: Doctoral Minor in Actuarial Science; Doctoral Minor in Business; Doctoral Minor in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility; Graduate/Professional Certificate in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Ph.D. in Business

The School of Business Ph.D. program has a rich tradition of training scholars who can both enhance the intellectual understanding of business theory and practice and effectively transmit this knowledge to other scholars, business professionals and students.

The high scholarly productivity and leadership of the school's 84 faculty are regularly noted in national rankings. Recent studies of U.S. and worldwide scholarly research productivity rated UW–Madison School of Business faculty among the top graduate business schools in the country. In addition to world-renowned recognition for research, the School of Business faculty bring a variety of real-world experience to the program.

MBA in Business: General Management

The MBA is a professional degree for the student preparing for a career in the business world. The cross-functional/interdisciplinary program exposes the student to each of the functional areas of business combined with a specialization in a specific area of business. Areas of specialization include corporate finance and investment banking, applied security analysis, arts administration, brand and product management, general management, marketing research, operations and technology management, real estate and urban land economics, risk management and insurance, strategic human resource management, and supply chain management.

MBA Business: Supply Chain Management

The Wisconsin MBA in supply chain management, supported by the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, provides students with a personalized, industry-focused program which partners with companies known for supply chain excellence. The program provides students with an exceptional interdisciplinary education that builds on fundamental knowledge and incorporates the latest in supply chain thinking. The strategic, cross-functional curriculum takes an integrated business process view of supply chains, including marketing, sourcing, logistics, operations, and customer service. Students connect with and learn from real-world supply chain leaders and are part of a strong, close-knit community.

M.S. Degree

The M.S. degree is currently designed for students who wish to pursue very specialized studies within one of two specific fields: global real estate, and finance.

Faculty: Dean François Ortalo-Magné

Accounting and Information Systems—Professors Warfield (chair), Covaleski, Johnstone, Matsumura, Mayhew, Nair, Wild; Associate Professor Laplante; Assistant Professors Allee, Barr-Pulliam, Gaertner, Griffith, Lynch, Steele, Thomas

Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Insurance—Professors Schmit (chair), Frees, Rosenberg; Associate Professor Leverty; Assistant Professors Mukherjee, Shi, Sydnor

Finance, Investment and Banking—Professors Ready (chair), Brown, Corbae, Johannes, Krainer, Mello, Wright; Associate Professors Eraker, Fedenia, Odders-White; Assistant Professors Chang, Gofman, Levine, Robatto, Wu

Management and Human Resources—Professors Trevor (chair), Aldag, Coff, Dunham, Gerhart; Associate Professors Eckhardt, Ganco, Posen, Stajkovic, Terlaak, Triana; Assistant Professors Navis, Sarada, Shin

Marketing—Professors Thompson (chair), Arora, Heide, Moreau, O'Guinn; Associate Professors Epp, Hoban, Lim, Liu, Peck, Tanner; Assistant Professors Chung, Liu, Mallucci, Polman, Weiss

Operations and Technology Management—Professors Morris (chair), De Croix, Hausch, Wemmerlov; Associate Professors Finster, Kim, Lazimy, Siemsen; Assistant Professors Bavafa, Tong

Real Estate and Urban Land Economics—Professors Yavas (chair), Malpezzi, Riddiough; Associate Professors Ghent, Quintin; Assistant Professors Diop, Luque