The first term for enrollment into the Capstone Certificate in Data Analytics for Decision Making is spring 2019.

L I S/​COM ARTS  705 Introductory Analytics for Decision Making 13
L I S 706 Data Mining Planning and Management3
L I S 707 Data Visualization and Communication for Decision Making3
Total Credits9
  1. Students can formulate questions related to existing organizational goals or challenges, identify sources of data to answer those questions, and design and implement a data analysis plan to answer the questions.
  2. Students will demonstrate competency with a range of data collection and analysis techniques and tools appropriate to organizational decision making and assessment including the basics of data mining and visualizations.
  3. Students can effectively communicate the rationale for a data project and the results of their analysis across different types of media and using best practices of textual and visual communications.
  4. Students can articulate the possible information value and the limitations of data and analytics projects based on understanding of data quality, data availability, metadata functionality and other data management issues.