Students with a special interest in teaching young children should consider this minor, which leads to certification from birth through grade 3.

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) minor was designed to be completed in tandem with the Elementary Education certification program; only students also completing Elementary Education may declare this minor.

How to Get In

This minor may only be declared by students completing the Elementary Education program. The declaration is made at the time of program application.


Complete the following course work in addition to the degree requirements of Elementary Education. Certification in Early Childhood Education requires the completion of the Elementary Education degree program. The three requirements listed here will also fulfill the 6 credits of electives required for Elementary Education.

CURRIC 660 Foundations of Early Childhood Education3
CURRIC 663 Learning Environments for Initial Education Programs3
Complete 3 credits of Elementary Education K-9 program electives, excluding these two required courses 13
Total Credits9

Not required if completing both Early Childhood and English as a Second Language minors.