This minor may be completed only by students admitted to the Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence options of Elementary Education. Students admitted to the Content Focus option are asked to identify the minor of their choice when admitted to the program. Students admitted to the other Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence options should fill out a minor declaration form available in the School of Education Student Services office, Room 139 Education Building.

Complete a minimum of 24 credits. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 is required, based on all sociology minor coursework taken on the UW–Madison campus.

Foundational Core Courses


Select one of the following:

SOC/​C&E SOC  210 Survey of Sociology3-4
SOC/​C&E SOC  211 The Sociological Enterprise3
SOC 181 Honors Introductory Seminar-The Sociological Enterprise3-4

Research Methods and Statistics

Students may take methods and statistics in the same semester. If students take methods and statistics in different semesters, it is recommended that methods be taken before statistics. This will provide a better entry point to the methods and materials of the field.

Research Methods
SOC/​C&E SOC  357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry3-4
Complete one of the following statistics courses:3-4
Statistics for Sociologists I
Statistics: Measurement in Economics
Quantitative Methods in Geographical Analysis
Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
Basic Statistics for Psychology
Introduction to Statistical Methods
Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences


SOC/​C&E SOC  475 Classical Sociological Theory3

Distribution Requirements

Select at least one course from two of the following groups of departmental offerings. Courses used to meet the requirements above may not be applied to this requirement. Courses that appear in more than one area may fulfill only one area requirement.

Additional Methods/Statistics

Additional Methods/Statistics course options

SOC 351 Introduction to Survey Methods for Social Research3
SOC/​C&E SOC  361 Statistics for Sociologists II3
SOC 362 Statistics for Sociologists III3
SOC/​C&E SOC  365 Data Management for Social Science Research3-4
SOC 375 Introduction to Mathematical Sociology3
SOC 376 Mathematical Models of Social Systems3
SOC 461 Study Abroad in Additional Methods and Statistics 11-6

Additional Theory

Additional Theory course options

SOC 462 Study Abroad in Additional Theory 11-6
SOC 476 Contemporary Sociological Theory3
SOC/​GEN&WS  477 Feminism and Sociological Theory3

Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior course options

SOC 421 Processes of Deviant Behavior3-4
SOC/​SOC WORK  422 Social Issues in Aging3
SOC/​GEN&WS/​LEGAL ST  425 Crime, Gender and Justice3
SOC/​CHICLA/​LEGAL ST  440 Ethnicity, Race, and Justice3-4
SOC 441 Criminology3-4
SOC/​CHICLA/​LEGAL ST  443 Immigration, Crime, and Enforcement3-4
SOC 446 Juvenile Delinquency3-4
SOC 463 Study Abroad in Deviant Behavior 11-6

Social Psychology

Social Psychology course options

SOC/​PSYCH  453 Human Sexuality4
SOC 464 Study Abroad in Social Psychology 11-6
SOC/​C&E SOC  532 Health Care Issues for Individuals, Families and Society3
SOC/​C&E SOC  533 Public Health in Rural & Urban Communities3
SOC 535 Talk and Social Interaction3
SOC 543 Collective Behavior3
SOC/​C&E SOC  573 Community Organization and Change3
SOC 575 Sociological Perspectives on the Life Course and Aging3
SOC/​AMER IND/​C&E SOC  578 Poverty and Place3

Social Organization

Social Organization course options

SOC/​LEGAL ST  415 The Legal Profession3-4
SOC 465 Study Abroad in Social Organization 11-6
SOC/​CHICLA  470 Sociodemographic Analysis of Mexican Migration3
SOC/​GEN&WS  611 Gender, Science and Technology3
SOC/​C&E SOC/​URB R PL  617 Community Development3
SOC 621 Class, State and Ideology: an Introduction to Marxist Social Science3
SOC/​C&E SOC  623 Gender, Society, and Politics3
SOC 624 Political Sociology3
SOC 626 Social Movements3
SOC/​C&E SOC  630 Sociology of Developing Societies/Third World3
SOC 632 Sociology of Organizations3-4
SOC 633 Social Stratification3
SOC 640 Sociology of the Family3
SOC/​LAW/​LEGAL ST  641 Sociology of Law3-4
SOC 643 Sociology of Occupations and Professions3
SOC/​C&E SOC/​URB R PL  645 Modern American Communities3
SOC 646 Race and Ethnic Relations3
SOC 647 Sociology of Sport3
SOC/​ED POL  648 Sociology of Education3
SOC/​C&E SOC  650 Sociology of Agriculture3
SOC/​C&E SOC  652 Sociology of Economic Institutions3
SOC/​C&E SOC  655 Microfoundations of Economic Sociology3
SOC/​HISTORY  670 Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy in America Since 18903-4
SOC 678 Sociology of Persecution3

Demography and Ecology

Demography and Ecology course options

SOC/​C&E SOC/​POP HLTH  380 Contemporary Population Problems for Honors3
SOC 460 Study Abroad in Demography and Ecology 11-6
SOC 575 Sociological Perspectives on the Life Course and Aging3
SOC/​ECON  663 Population and Society3
SOC 674 Demographic Techniques I3

Community and Environmental Sociology

Community and Environmental Sociology course options

SOC/​C&E SOC  533 Public Health in Rural & Urban Communities3
SOC/​C&E SOC/​ENVIR ST  540 Sociology of International Development, Environment, and Sustainability3
SOC/​C&E SOC  541 Environmental Stewardship and Social Justice3
SOC/​C&E SOC  573 Community Organization and Change3
SOC 575 Sociological Perspectives on the Life Course and Aging3
SOC/​AMER IND/​C&E SOC  578 Poverty and Place3
SOC/​C&E SOC/​URB R PL  617 Community Development3
SOC/​C&E SOC  650 Sociology of Agriculture3


Additional coursework, if needed, to reach the minimum of 24 credits.