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This minor may only be completed by students admitted to Elementary Education options leading to certification in K-9 or Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence. A minor is not required to complete the K-9 certification program, but students may elect to complete one.

Minors provide a depth of study in a particular area of interest and also inform classroom instruction. The completion of a minor is required to teach middle school in some states and may benefit students particularly interested in teaching at this level.

Students may wish to consult with an advisor in the School of Education Student Services office, 139 Education Building, to discuss course selection and other issues related to this field of study. Current students can schedule a Student Services appointment online through the Starfish app in MyUW. Appointments can also be made through email at, by calling 608-262-1651, or in person.

Upon completion, the subject area of the minor will be posted on the UW-Madison transcript. Students will not receive an additional certification or license in the subject area as was possible prior to fall, 2022 program admission.  The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does not offer content licenses in association with the K-9 educator license.

This minor may only be declared by students completing Elementary Education certification in either K-9 or Middle-Childhood-through-Early-Adolescence. The declaration form is located on the School of Education's Undergraduate Admissions page and can be submitted any time after admission into the program.

Complete a minimum of 22 credits to include the requirements listed below. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 is required, based on all minor coursework taken on the UW–Madison campus.

Required Courses
MATH 221 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 15
MATH 222 Calculus and Analytic Geometry 24
STAT 301 Introduction to Statistical Methods3
Additional credits chosen from the following:
MATH 135 Algebraic Reasoning for Teaching Math3
MATH 138 Mathematics for Teaching: Conjecture, Generalization, and Proof3
MATH 234 Calculus--Functions of Several Variables4
MATH/​COMP SCI  240 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 340 Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra3
MATH 461 College Geometry I3
MATH/​HIST SCI  473 History of Mathematics3