SoE_Political Science BSE

This minor may be completed only by students admitted to the Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence options of Elementary Education. Students admitted to the Content Focus option are asked to identify the minor of their choice when admitted to the program. Students admitted to the other Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence options should fill out a minor declaration form available in the School of Education Student Services office Room 139 Education Building.

Complete a minimum of 24 credits. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 is required, based on all political science minor coursework taken on the UW–Madison campus.

Required Courses

Complete any 100-level Political Science course (one course)3-4
POLI SCI 205 Introduction to State Government3-4
or POLI SCI 405 State Government and Public Policy
Research Methods
Complete one of the following:3-4
Research Methods in Political Science
Understanding Political Numbers
Political Choice and Strategy
Analysis of International Relations
Introduction to Survey Research
Introduction to Statistical Inference for Political Research

Distribution Requirements

Complete at least one course from each of the four political science groups. Courses taken to meet the requirements above may be applied toward the course distribution.

Political Theory

Political Theory course options

POLI SCI 160 Introduction to Political Theory3-4
POLI SCI 265 Development of Ancient and Medieval Western Political Thought3-4
POLI SCI 266 The Development of Modern Western Political Thought3-4
POLI SCI 360 History of American Political Thought3-4
POLI SCI 361 Contemporary American Political Thought3-4
POLI SCI 363 Literature and Politics3-4
POLI SCI 460 Topics in Political Philosophy3-4
POLI SCI 463 Deception and Politics4
POLI SCI/​GEN&WS  469 Women and Politics3-4
POLI SCI/​AFROAMER  519 African American Political Theory3-4
POLI SCI 561 Radical Political Theory3-4
POLI SCI 590 Study Abroad Topics in Political Science: Political Theory1-4

American Government

American Government course options

POLI SCI 104 Introduction to American Politics and Government3-4
POLI SCI 184 Introduction to American Politics3
POLI SCI 205 Introduction to State Government3-4
POLI SCI 206 Introduction to Political Psychology3-4
POLI SCI/​LEGAL ST  217 Law, Politics and Society3-4
POLI SCI/​CHICLA  231 Politics in Multi-Cultural Societies3-4
POLI SCI/​AFRICAN/​AFROAMER/​HISTORY  297 African and African-American Linkages: An Introduction4
POLI SCI/​CHICLA  302 Mexican-American Politics3-4
POLI SCI 304 The Political Economy of Race in the United States3-4
POLI SCI 305 Elections and Voting Behavior3-4
POLI SCI 309 Civil Liberties in the United States3-4
POLI SCI 311 United States Congress3-4
POLI SCI 314 Criminal Law and Justice3-4
POLI SCI 315 Legislative Internship3
POLI SCI 402 Wisconsin in Washington Internship Course4
POLI SCI 405 State Government and Public Policy3-4
POLI SCI 408 The American Presidency3-4
POLI SCI 409 American Parties and Politics3-4
POLI SCI 410 Citizenship, Democracy, and Difference4
POLI SCI 411 The American Constitution : Powers and Structures of Government4
POLI SCI 412 The American Constitution: Rights and Civil Liberties4
POLI SCI 414 The Supreme Court as a Political Institution3
POLI SCI 415 The Separation of Powers and Federal Courts3
POLI SCI 416 Community Power and Grass Roots Politics3
POLI SCI 417 The American Judicial System3-4
POLI SCI/​PUB AFFR  419 Administrative Law3-4
POLI SCI 508 American National Security: Policy and Process3-4
POLI SCI 510 Politics of Government Regulation3-4
POLI SCI 511 Campaign Finance3-4
POLI SCI 514 Interest Group Politics3-4
POLI SCI 515 Public Opinion3-4
POLI SCI 516 Political Communications3-4
POLI SCI/​AFROAMER  519 African American Political Theory3-4
POLI SCI 602 Wisconsin in Washington Advanced Public Policy Course4
POLI SCI 490 Study Abroad Topics in Political Science: American Government1-4

Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics course options

POLI SCI 120 Introduction to Comparative Politics4
POLI SCI 182 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Honors)3
POLI SCI/​CHICLA  231 Politics in Multi-Cultural Societies3-4
POLI SCI/​ASIAN/​GEOG/​HISTORY/​SOC  244 Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines4
POLI SCI/​GEOG/​HISTORY/​SLAVIC  253 Russia: An Interdisciplinary Survey4
POLI SCI/​GEOG/​HISTORY/​SLAVIC  254 Eastern Europe: An Interdisciplinary Survey4
POLI SCI/​ASIAN/​HISTORY  255 Introduction to East Asian Civilizations3-4
POLI SCI/​AFRICAN/​AFROAMER/​ANTHRO/​GEOG/​HISTORY/​SOC  277 Africa: An Introductory Survey4
POLI SCI/​AFRICAN/​AFROAMER/​HISTORY  297 African and African-American Linkages: An Introduction4
POLI SCI 321 Latin-American Politics3-4
POLI SCI 322 Politics of Southeast Asia3-4
POLI SCI 324 Chinese Politics3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  325 Social Movements and Revolutions in Latin America3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  327 Indian Politics in Comparative Perspective3
POLI SCI 329 African Politics3-4
POLI SCI 330 Political Economy of Development3
POLI SCI 332 German Politics3-4
POLI SCI 334 Russian Politics3-4
POLI SCI 421 The Challenge of Democratization3-4
POLI SCI/​CHICLA/​HISTORY  422 Latino History and Politics3
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  423 Social Mobilization in Latin America3
POLI SCI/​GEN&WS  429 Gender and Politics in Comparative Perspective3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  431 Contentious Politics3-4
POLI SCI 432 Comparative Legal Institutions3-4
POLI SCI/​RELIG ST  433 Religion and Politics3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  434 The Politics of Human Rights3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  436 Political Inequality: Measures, Causes, Effects and Remedies3
POLI SCI 437 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict3-4
POLI SCI 438 Comparative Political Culture3-4
POLI SCI/​INTL ST  439 The Comparative Study of Genocide3-4
POLI SCI 529 Arab-Israeli Conflict3-4
POLI SCI 534 Socialism and Transitions to the Market3-4
POLI SCI 537 Electoral Systems and Representation3-4
POLI SCI 538 Politics and Policies in the European Union3-4
POLI SCI 635 Comparative Politics of Sport3-4
POLI SCI 690 Study Abroad Topics in Political Science: Comparative Politics1-4

International Relations

International Relations course options

POLI SCI 140 Introduction to International Relations3-4
POLI SCI 340 The European Union: Politics and Political Economy3-4
POLI SCI 343 Theories of International Security3-4
POLI SCI 345 Conflict Resolution3-4
POLI SCI 346 China in World Politics3-4
POLI SCI 347 Terrorism3
POLI SCI 348 Analysis of International Relations3-4
POLI SCI 350 International Political Economy3-4
POLI SCI 351 Politics of the World Economy3-4
POLI SCI 354 International Institutions and World Order3-4
POLI SCI 356 Principles of International Law3-4
POLI SCI 359 American Foreign Policy3-4
POLI SCI 377 Nuclear Weapons and World Politics3-4
POLI SCI/​GEN&WS  429 Gender and Politics in Comparative Perspective3-4
POLI SCI/​ECON/​ENVIR ST/​URB R PL  449 Government and Natural Resources3-4
POLI SCI 455 African International Relations3-4
POLI SCI 652 The Politics of Development3-4
POLI SCI 390 Study Abroad Topics in Political Science: International Relations1-4


Complete additional coursework, if necessary, to reach the minimum of 24 credits.