Ph.D. candidates in other degree programs who wish to pursue a doctoral minor in plant breeding and plant genetics must complete 10 credits of work with at least 2 credits from the plant breeding area and 2 credits from another area of the core curriculum. Also required are 2 credits of seminar (HORT/​AGRONOMY/​GENETICS  957 Seminar-Plant Breeding ). Contact the program for more information concerning the minor.

Faculty: Agronomy—Ane, Casler, de Leon, Gutierrez, H. Kaeppler, S. Kaeppler, Tracy; Biochemistry—Amasino, Bednarek; Botany—Maeda, Spalding, Waller; Entomology—Brunet; Genetics—Masson, Zhong; Horticulture—Bamberg, Bethke, Dawson, Endelman Goldman, Havey (chair), Jansky, Krysan, Nienhuis, Palta, Patterson, Simon, Spooner, Weng, Zalapa; Plant Pathology—Bent, Rouse; Statistics—Broman, Yandell