The designated doctoral minor in the Transdisciplinary Study of Visual Cultures is intended for Ph.D. students from across the university who desire transdisciplinary training in the study of visual cultures. The minor is awarded upon successful completion of 9 graduate-level credits in a combination of required and elective coursework, with a GPA of 3.0 (4.0 basis). Required coursework consists of ART HIST/​AFROAMER  801 Historiography, Theory and Methods in Visual Culture; ART HIST/​AFROAMER  802 Visual Cultures: Topics in Visual Cultures; and Independent Study in Visual Cultures. Elective coursework consists of at least one 3-credit course to be selected, in consultation with a program faculty advisor, from a wide range of crosslisted and “meets with” courses offered by program faculty in numerous programs and departments. For a listing of courses and more information, please visit the program website or office.

Faculty: A list of participating faculty may be found on the program website.