For a minor in biochemistry, a Ph.D. candidate must complete a required course series and earn a total of 16 graduate-level credits in advanced biochemistry courses (600 level or above). See the IPiB website for more details.

Faculty: Professors B. Fox (chair, Department of Biochemistry), Kiley (chair, Department of Biomolecular Chemistry), Amasino, Ansari, Attie, Bednarek, Brow, Butcher, Clagett-Dame, Coon, Cox, Craig, Denu, C. Fox, Friesen, Hayes, Holden, Hull, Keck, Kimble, Landick, Markley, Martin, Mitchell, Mosher, Ntambi, Palmenberg, Pike, Ralph, Rayment, Record, Sheets, Sussman, Wickens; Associate Professors Audhya, Chanda, Craciun, Henzler-Wildman, Pagliarini, Senes, Weibel; Assistant Professors Engin, Harrison, Hoskins, Lewis, Merrins, Raman, Romero, Venturelli, Wildonger