Students from departments outside of the Geological Engineering Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering can receive a PhD minor in Geological Engineering. The requirements for an external minor in Geological Engineering are listed below. The minor must be approved by Geological Engineering faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The minor approval form is available at the Civil and Environmental Engineering office.  Completed form can be returned to the Civil and Environmental Engineering office for review and approval.

1. A minimum of 9 formal course credits (not independent study or research credits) taken in the Geological Engineering curriculum.

2. Courses must be numbered 300 or above in Geological Engineering.

3. One of the courses must be numbered 600 or above in Geological Engineering.

4. Only one of the courses may be cross listed in the student’s major department and cannot be used to satisfy the student’s major requirements.

5. No examinations are required other than those given in each course.

Faculty: Professors Noyce (chair), Adams, Bahia, Cramer, Feigl, Hanna, Harrington, Holloway, Hurley, Karthikeyan, Lee, Likos, Long, Noguera, McMahon, Park, Parra-Montesinos, Pedersen, Potter, Ran, Russell, Schauer, Wu; Associate Professors Ahn, Fratta, Loheide II, Pincheira Tinjum; Assistant Professors Block, Ginder-Vogel, Hedegaard, Hicks, Remucal, Sone, Wright. See also CEE faculty.

Geological Engineering Faculty: Professors Likos (chair) (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Anderson (Geoscience), Bahr (Geoscience), Goodwin (Geoscience), Thurber (Geology and Geoscience), Tikoff (Geoscience), Tobin (Geoscience), Wang (Geoscience), Wu (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Feigl (Geoscience); Associate Professors Fratta (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Loheide (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Assistant Professors Cardiff (Geoscience), Tinjum (Engineering Professional Development) Ginder-vogel (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Sone (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Affiliate Professors Kung (Soil Science), Lowery (Soil Science), Plesha (Engineering Physics), Potter (Civil and Environmental Engineering). See also GLE faculty.