Students enrolled in a UW–Madison doctoral program can pursue a doctoral minor in biophysics. The doctoral minor offers substantial training in biophysics. A doctoral minor in biophysics can serve as supplement to training in a broad range of disciplines in which physics, physical chemistry, biology, and medicine intersect. The biophysics minor will give students a rigorous understanding of quantitative approaches to physical and chemical problems in the life sciences. Course offerings that provide pedagogical instruction to biophysics students serve as the basis for the biophysics minor. 

Graduate students who wish to pursue an Option A external minor in biophysics must take CHEM/​BIOCHEM  665 Biophysical Chemistry and CHEM 668 Biophysical Spectroscopy. To reach the 9 credit requirement for Option A one or more other courses from the current core biophysics curriculum of core courses must be taken. These courses include BIOCHEM 601 Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function , BIOCHEM/​GENETICS/​MICROBIO  612 Prokaryotic Molecular Biology , BIOCHEM/​GENETICS/​MD GENET  620 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology, and NTP/​PHMCOL-M/​PHYSIOL  610 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience. For additional options students can consult the current listing of courses satisfying elective requirements for the Ph.D. in biophysics.