A doctoral minor in global studies will be of interest to doctoral students who plan for careers in public policy, research, and academia, as well as those interested in careers in government, media, and the private and nonprofit sectors. The minor emphasizes systemic approaches to globalization in an interdisciplinary context, thereby distinguishing itself from existing graduate course work in international studies that emphasize specialization in particular areas of the world (e.g., East Asian studies or African studies) or specific aspects of globalization (e.g., global health or global legal studies). The minor is intended to provide doctoral students with an institutional setting to pursue the study of globalization as a complement to their major degree program.

Students who minor in global studies will be required to take the core Global Studies Graduate Seminar (INTL ST 720 Global Studies Seminar) and related course work. In addition to the 3-credit Global Studies Graduate Seminar, students must take 9 credits from a list of approved courses. Students must take one course from three of the four categories:

  1. Global Culture and Humanity
  2. Global Commons
  3. World Affairs and the Global Economy
  4. Human Security and Global Citizenship

See the program website for the course listings.