The minor requirement in physics for nonphysics students is 12 credits numbered above 300, each passed with a grade of B or better. The program must be approved by the chair of the Physics Minor Committee before it is completed.

Faculty: Professors Dasu (chair), D. Anderson, Balantekin, Barger, Boldyrev, Carlsmith, Chung, Coppersmith, Eom, Eriksson, Everett, Forest, Gilbert, Halzen, Hanson, Hashimoto, Hegna, Heinz, Herndon, Ioffe, Joynt, Karle, Knezevic, Lagally, Lawler, Lazarian, Lin, McCammon, McDermott, Onellion, Rzchowski, Saffman, Sarff, Shiu, W. Smith, Sovinec, Terry, Timbie, Vavilov, Walker, Westerhoff, Winokur, Wu, Yavuz, Zweibel; Associate Professors Egedal, Levchenko, Pan;  Assistant Professors Bai, Bechtol, Brar, Kats, Kolkowitz, Palladino, Vandenbroucke, Vetsigian