Doctoral students outside the school are invited to consider the minor in social welfare. The 9-credit minor requires three doctoral-level courses from the School of Social Work. One must be a Social Policy Seminar (SOC WORK 950 PhD Proseminar), one must be an Applied Theory Seminar (SOC WORK 951 PhD Proseminar), and the third can be a 3-credit social work doctoral course of the student's choosing (which could be another SOC WORK 950 PhD Proseminar or SOC WORK 951 PhD Proseminar seminar).

Faculty: Professors Magnuson (program chair), Berger, Cancian, Greenberg, Kramer, Mailick, Meyer, Robert (school director), Schroepfer, Slack; Associate Professors Curtis,  Moses; Assistant Professors Bishop-Fitzpatrick, Charles, Gerassi, Ros Pilarz, Xiong