Students in other departments who wish to minor in languages and cultures of Asia must complete 12 credits above the 300 level with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the department. Such students are required to take one course in literature and one course in religion or philosophy. Any other courses to fulfill the minor requirement are selected in prior consultation with the department's minor advisor, who is designated as such by the Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia and is authorized to sign the doctoral minor agreement form.

Courses cross-listed in a student's major department and in languages and cultures of Asia do not count toward the minor requirement. Elementary and intermediate language courses or "directed study" courses are not accepted toward the fulfillment of the minor requirement in languages and cultures of Asia.

Chinese Faculty: Professors Dunne, Huang, Nienhauser; Associate Professors Huntington, Meulenbeld, Zhang; Assistant Professors Yang, Zhu

Japanese Faculty: Professors Kern, McGloin, Mori; Associate Professors D'Etcheverry, Geyer, Ridgely

Languages and Cultures of Asia Faculty: Professors Rafferty (chair), Buhnemann, Schamiloglu; Associate Professor Gade