Recognition of interdisciplinary training at the graduate level can be acquired with a REECAS certificate. Doctoral minor requirements in specific fields can also be fulfilled under the REECAS program. The requirements for a doctoral minor under Option A (external minor) may be satisfied by completing 9 credits of graduate courses in Russian, East European and Central Asian studies. These nine credits must be distributed over at least two departments outside the student's major department. Students should contact the program office for specific information regarding these requirements. Doctoral students may not earn both the REECAS graduate/professional certificate and the REECAS doctoral minor.

Faculty: Professors Gerber (chair) (Sociology), Belodubrovskaya (Communication Arts), Bethea (Slavic Languages), Brenner (Jewish Studies), Buenger (Art History), Chamberlain (History), Ciancia (History), Dale (Art History), Danaher (Slavic Languages), Derin (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Dolinin (Slavic Languages), DuBois (Scandinavian Studies), Evans-Romaine (Slavic Languages), Filipowicz (Slavic Languages), Gehlbach (Political Science), Hendley (Law, Political Science), Herrera (Political Science), Hirsch (History), Hollander (Jewish Studies), Johnson (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis), Kaiser (Geography), Kepley (Communication Arts), Kydd (Political Science), Lapina (Slavic Languages), Livanos (Comparative Literature), Longinovic (Slavic Languages), McDonald (History), Michels (History), Miernowska (Slavic Languages), Neville (History), Radeloff (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), Reynolds (Slavic Languages), Schamiloglu (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Shevelenko (Slavic), Tishler (CREECA, Slavic Languages), Tumarkin (Slavic Languages), van de Water (Slavic Languages), Wink (History)