The Department of Psychology offers broad training aimed at better understanding human behavior, both typical and atypical. At the graduate level, the department provides training in five key areas in the field of psychological science: biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social and personality. The primary goal is to develop critical thinking as it relates to interpretation of experimental observations. This includes an emphasis on quantitative tools used to analyze experimental data.  

Nine (9) credits of graduate-level coursework. Proseminars and research credits do not count toward the minor.  

Please contact the graduate program coordinator at or 608-262-2079.  

Faculty: Professors Goldsmith (chair), Abramson, Alibali, A. Auger, Berridge, Brauer, Coe, Curtin, Davidson, Devine, Gernsbacher, Gooding, Harackiewicz, Hyde, Jenison, MacDonald, Marler, Niedenthal, Pollak, Postle, Rogers, Rosengren, Ryff, Saffran, Seidenberg; Associate Professors Bennett, Miyamoto, Shutts; Assistant Professors Green, Li, Lupyan, Rokers, Saalmann, Simmering. Affiliated Faculty: Bakshi, Bolt,  Dilworth-Bart, Edwards, Ellis-Weismer, Gammie, Hermann, Johnson, Kalin, Kalish, Koenigs, Litovsky, Lutfi, MacLean, Nathan, Nitschke, Piper, Populin, Riters, Sanchez, Schneider