Students in other departments who wish to pursue a minor in history must reach agreement (before beginning minor course work) on an appropriate program of study with a history faculty member, who serves as the minor advisor. The program must include at least 9 credits of graduate-level work. Students are encouraged to take at least six credits of work in graduate seminars. See the History Graduate Handbook  or contact the graduate coordinator for details.

Faculty: Professors Sweet (chair), Bernault, Boswell, Chamberlain, Cohen, Cronon, Desan, Dunlavy, Enstad, Hansen, Hirsch, Johnson, Jones, Kantrowitz, Kleijwegt,  Koshar, Mallon, McCoy, McDonald, Michels, Mitman, Neville, Plummer, Reese, Roberts, Scarano, Sharpless, Sommerville, Stern, Sweet, Wandel, Winichakul, Wink, Young; Associate Professors Cheng, Dennis, Enke, Hall, Kodesh, Ratner-Rosenhagen, Shoemaker, Thal; Assistant Professors Bitzan, Callaci, Chamedes, Chan, Ciancia, Dinces, Haynes, Hennessy, Ipsen, Kim, Kinzley, Lapina, Murthy, Taylor, Ussishkin, Whiting